Call for Papers – Issue 17: Regional Development at a time of uncertainties: The Widening Social Divide of Climate Change

By Stefania Fiorentino, Robert Bowen and  Eduardo Oliveira.

Issue 17 delves deep into the pressing topic of climate change and its profound impact on regional inequalities and divisions. This thought-provoking edition unravels the intricate relationship between climate change and social inequalities, shedding light on how environmental shifts exacerbate existing disparities.

🌍 Understanding the Link: We embark on a journey to understand how climate change disproportionately affects marginalized communities and vulnerable individuals, widening the social gap.

📉 Economic Consequences: Explore the economic fallout of climate change on regional development, from job losses to disruptions in global supply chains, and the quest for regional integration.

🏡 Housing Insecurity: Witness the repercussions of climate change as it displaces communities and raises questions about housing security in the face of natural disasters.

🍽️ Food Security: Delve into the impacts of extreme weather events and shifting climate patterns on food security in vulnerable regions.

🏥 Health Disparities: Discover how climate change intensifies health disparities, exposing communities to air pollution, heatwaves, and vector-borne diseases.

🌆 Social Mobility: We examine the consequences of climate change on social mobility, from the displacement of communities to the loss of livelihoods.

🌱 Solutions and Policies: Explore strategies and regional policies that can bridge the social divide, focusing on targeted investments in marginalized communities.

🏛️ Policy and Governance: Delve into the role of policy and governance in addressing these critical issues, emphasizing the need for inclusive and equitable decision-making processes.

In Issue 17, we aim to spark conversations, inspire change, and foster a deeper understanding of how climate change reshapes our world. Join us on this journey to confront the challenges of our time and seek innovative solutions for a more equitable and sustainable future.

Submission deadline: Monday, November 27th 

Publication date: First week of December

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Editorial Team

Eduardo Oliveira | Stefania Fiorentino | Robert Bowen