2018 Master Class on EU Cohesion Policy

As part of the 16th European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC) 2018, the 6th Master Class on EU Cohesion Policy will be held for PhD students and early-career researchers between the 7th-11th October 2018 in Brussels.

Applications to attend the 2018 University Master Class are being sought from PhD students and ECRs undertaking research related to European Cohesion Policy.

This year’s broad themes cover:

  • Reshaping governance and institutional relations
  • Territorial cohesion and cooperation;
  • Policy effectiveness in response to development challenges for European regions.

If you are an interested PhD or ECR, please click here to find out about how to apply – for our more experience members, we would ask you to forward the details to any PhD or ECRs you feel might be interested or whom might benefit from this experience.

Participants have been very positive about their experiences in previous Master Classes

I had the opportunity to meet and talk to policy-makers and experts working for the Commission, which in itself is remarkable especially that getting access to them is challenging for an early career researcher. Besides engaging into discussions with these experts, it was especially rewarding for me to learn that my field of research is very relevant for them and they are open to my findings and, in general, to the output of the scholarly community.

For the first time I had the possibility to meet with decision-makers and planning practitioners who are at the centre of designing and implementing EU Cohesion Policy. Through the professional workshops organized by the Master Class, new research directions and ideas emerged for my project which has had a lasting impact on the development of my PhD thesis.

Download the draft programme at http://www.regionalstudies.org/uploads/documents/EURegionsWeek_Master_Class_2018_draft_programme_1.pdf