Housing Issues in Contemporary Urban Regions

DOI reference: 10.1080/13673882.2021.00001080

Editorial on Issue 8: Housing Issues in Contemporary Urban Regions

The period between the publication of Issue 6 and the launch of this Issue 7 has been challenging across all sectors of society. The challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have affected work-home relationships, have changed the way we travel, communicate and socialize. It has also called for a rethinking on how to respond jointly in terms of solidarity and cooperation. In this context, financialisation plays a fundamental role. Articles in Issue 7 address various examples of financialisation in operation, including the growing involvement of financial mechanisms in the housing sector, transportation and overall urban and regional development. Issue 7, the Editorship chapter of Stefania Fiorentino and Robert Bowen begins.

Issue 8 is themed around Housing Issues in Urban Regions. Due to these trying times, Issue 8 that is now online, remains open until end of January 2021.

November 2020 saw the RSA’s first globetrotting event series called RSA Global. The programme brought together the regional studies and science communities from around the world for three-hour programmes organised by and for the RSA’s global networks. The online format allowed us to meet and discuss latest research and policy developments in times when we cannot travel. In Regional Studies Association Highlights, we bring together reports from this global event.

The following sections feature housing issues and dilemmas across urban and regional geographies:

In Research hacks: Reflections on academic experiences and practices, Prof. Bob Bennett introduces to the regional studies community the Atlas of Entrepreneurship. He argues that enables regional studies researchers, students and schools to look at the geography of entrepreneurs recorded in the censuses of England, Wales and Scotland for 1851-1911.

Early January 2021 we will announce the three Issues of 2021.

Our Editorial-team member, Eduardo Oliveira is the January Member of the Month of the Regional Studies Association. Read more about his work and few words of wisdom to early career researchers and Ph.D. candidates at Our January Member of the Month 

Editorial team

Eduardo Oliveira, Stefania Fiorentino and Robert Bowen